Mono Climbing Studio

Mono Climbing is a bouldering gym specializing in bouldering located

in Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City, and Ōmura City, Nagasaki Prefecture.

We have a large facility, and people from beginners to advanced people as well as

women and children can enjoy together.

Mono Climbing Studio Hakata

Address 3-27-27, Naka, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City
TEL 092-409-2907
Open hours Weekdays: 14pm - 23pm
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 10 am ~ 10 pm
Regular holiday: No scheduled holidays
※ Every Tuesdays and Thursdays: 10 am ~ midnight (long-time hours)
Parking lot There are six spaces in front of the studio building
The second parking lot is available after 6 pm on weekdays, and on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, so if the on-site parking is full, please contact the front desk.

Mono Climbing Studio Ōmura

Address 2-892-2, Tominohara, Ōmura City, Nagasaki Prefecture
TEL 0957-51-6873
Open hours Weekdays: 1pm - 11pm
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 10 am ~ 10 pm
Regular holiday: No scheduled holidays
Parking lot There are six spaces in front of the studio building
The second parking lot is available after 6 pm on weekdays, and on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, so if the on-site parking is full, please contact the front desk.

How to use

Please visit our studio directly. No reservation is required.
Please register in advance online.

Online pre-registration is here

A “visitor use” is available for those who have experienced bouldering before without the need for registration.


First time trial course

This course is for customers who use our facility for the first time and have not done climbing or have little experience in climbing.


Elementary school student:1,980yen

It is a good value package with a set of bouldering class / member registration fee / one day use fee / rental shoes / two rental shoes tickets (valid within one month).

Member registration fee


※ For those customers who are using climbing slacklines, member registration is required at the first use.

Facility use fee
(It is the amount of money if you register as a member)

Two hours use:1,540yen

※ In case you switch from two hours use to one day use, an additional charge of 550 yen is required.

One day use:1,980yen

Visitor use fee
(It is the amount of money if you don’t register as a member)

One day use:2,530 yen

※ It is limited to those who have experienced climbing.

Monthly pass

One month:10,780yen

Renew (one month):9,680yen

Six months:51,700yen



Good value coupon tickets

I would like to continue, but I don’t want a monthly pass… It is recommended for those customers!!

12,320yenValid for one year

For the price of nine times portion with two hours use, you can use 10 times! In the case of one day use, just pay additional 500 yen! You can use rental shoes for free!

Flow of use

Once inside the studio, proceed to the reception.

Member registration is done by inputting on a tablet
Procedure will be smooth if you complete member registration on our homepage in advance.

Change clothes in the changing room in a way it easy to move

You can change your clothes in the gender-segregated changing room.

Warm up

Stretch your ankles, knees, and hips carefully before starting bouldering!

Let’s wear climbing shoes

You need socks when you wear rental shoes.


We will carefully offer you a class such as tips and rules on how to climb

Let’s climb up!

For the parts you don’t understand, you can somehow get through it while receiving instructions from our regular customers and staff
You will love a sense of accomplishment for the rest of your life!

About bouldering

In rock climbing, bouldering is different from route climbing in which one climbs a high rock cliff by using a safety rope, and it refers to climbing a relatively low rock with a height of about three to five meters by laying a mat instead of using a safety rope.
Mono Climbing Studio has a gentle slope from 85° to 110° for bouldering beginners and an extra large wall from 120° to 130° for the advanced people, and people from children to adults can enjoy.

Those who have not done bouldering are also welcome

Even if you have no experience in bouldering, our staff will explain the rules and important points in the beginning, so you can start bouldering at ease.
You may be thinking, “I cannot climb without much muscle,” but that is not the case. What is important first in bouldering is to think about how to climb, such as “in what process to climb” and “where to put my feet”. Depending on how one climbs, it is not uncommon for elementary school students and women to be able to climb more than muscular men.

What you need for bouldering

For bouldering, you only need special shoes and non-slip chalk.
You can rent special shoes and use chalk freely, so it is okay at first if you bring only clothes and socks with which it is easy to move.

About use by children

Mono Climbing Studio does not have age restrictions for use. However, children under 10 years old must use the facility with the presence of their parent. In addition, minors will need a signature from their parent at the time of initial registration.
Preschool children can use the facility for free, but only at kids wall. In that case also, they must use the facility with the presence of their parent.

Online pre-registration

Rules, manners, informed consent

Please understand the rules and manners below and enjoy bouldering more safely.

Please read the following notes and make sure to check “Yes.”


RequiredClimbing under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited.
RequiredYou must not run around or play on the mat.
RequiredBefore climbing, make sure no one else is trying to climb nearby.
In addition, check if the route you are trying to climb and the route that others are climbing don’t intersect.
RequiredWhen you get down, make sure there are no people or things left below and then get off.
It is dangerous to jump from the goal, so we recommend you climb down to a height where you can get off safely.

Rules and manners for facility use

RequiredInside the facility is completely non-smoking and fire is strictly prohibited. Please smoke at the designated place.
RequiredClimbing without shoes is prohibited.
RequiredCut your nails short and remove any accessories such as rings before climbing.
RequiredPlease make sure to wash your hands before climbing and climb with a clean condition.
RequiredYou must not run around inside the facility or play on the mat.
RequiredPlease never enter the back of the wall as it is dangerous.
RequiredPreschool children have to be with their parent, and can only use kids wall.
RequiredParents have their children follow the rules and manners under their responsibility.
RequiredPlease manage valuables by yourself.
RequiredPlease follow the instructions of our staff.

Informed consent

RequiredFalling on the mat may cause injury depending on how you fall.
RequiredThe risk depends on the task. All tasks will be tried under your responsibility.
RequiredHolds are regularly maintained, but they may rotate. In addition, they may break or you may fall down.
RequiredI understand that if I don’t follow the rules, I am much more likely to injure myself or others.
RequiredI will keep all the rules and manners above. If I cannot follow them, I will leave the facility at my own will.

Membership application form

Parent (for minors)
BirthdayRequired yearmonthday
Blood type
  • ※(-)Please enter without dash
  • Prefectures
  • City
  • Street address
Emergency contact
phone numberRequired
School Year
Climbing history
Times oryears

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